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About Us

In early 2020 our sales dropped to almost zero. We struggled and worried and, after time, sales started to recover. But the situation was much worse for our suppliers. Those who made most of the shirts we sold, the families in Honduras, were suffering terribly. While we had some restrictions, they were unable to leave their house to even buy food. 90% of them had lost their jobs and many aid programs tried to help but it was difficult because of the huge need.

A quick side note; you may not know that our parent company is the largest pro-life supplier in the world. We have been supporting mothers, families and babies for over 45 years. We believe every life is valuable no matter their age or ability. The situation in Honduras was dire, especially for those with special needs. When we saw how hard it was for us, we knew it was time to do something.

Because of customers like you, we were able to sponsor EVERY special needs child in the country of Honduras that Compassion International had to be sponsored. We wiped out their special needs list as our team started writing the children the company sponsored. We continue in our sponsorships

even now.

Why are we telling you this? We, like you, look at our world and want to make it better. Our team members care about the work they do and they are proud to make a difference. We believe you will feel the difference in quality and service when you work with us and we hope sharing this small part of our hearts will make you proud to be a part of that work as well. Please enjoy your items and let us know the next time we can be a service to you.


White Mountain Tees Team

Message From the Owner

Have you been in one of those terrible moments where time slows…your stomach drops…you yell out…and you start to move…but things are happening that you can’t stop? I once witnessed my brother get sucked under a huge rock while rafting down the Salt river. That was one of those moments. I once saw a daycare’s windows and doors blown apart by the force of a fiery explosion. That was also one of those moments. I once rushed to help search for my dad when I heard his body had been found. That is a moment I will never forget. I expect you have been a part of these moments too; the ones that stay with you. The ones that are full of fear, pain and sometimes death.

I believe that we remember these times more than others because they are wrong; they are not the way things are supposed to be.  Pain, death, fear; they just don’t seem to belong when life can be so full of joy and love. Accidents happen, we make bad choices, or we even cause pain in ourselves and others. These things remind us that life can and should be more. But what is, “more”?

“More” is

There is some good news. God looks at us, and all that pain, and says, “There is more!” There is God’s forgiveness when we hurt others, there is God’s comfort when we are hurting. There is God’s love when we hate, and God’s joy when we are hated. There is God’s sacrifice when we are selfish and God’s acceptance when we are rejected. God is the “more” of life that is often hidden by the moments of pain, fear and death. God gave us forgiveness, free with no strings attached, through the death of His son. He showed His great love by dying to pay the debt we owe for all the times we chose to do wrong. And this is cause for joy! He offers us freedom, belonging, love, acceptance and joy all for the cost of believing and following Him. The “more” of life is that simple; it is found in a relationship with God.

Don’t you just print t-shirts?

Yes, we are a t-shirt company but we also know that our customers are real people and real people experience real pain. But the love and joy that comes from knowing we are forgiven; that God loves us in spite of us; well, not everyone gets to experience that joy. So we want to share it with you. We hope you already have the love of God and the freedom of forgiveness but, if not, please talk to us. We enjoy listening and discussing and reasoning together. Or grab a Bible and read the book of John – it is a great place to start! If you don’t agree with us, we still hope we can share the joy that God has given us and to continue serving you in your garment needs.



Brandon Monahan,

Owner, Heritage House & White Mountain Tees

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