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White Mountain Tees Terms & Conditions

Client Provided: Please note that as the product is client provided, White Mountain Tees cannot replace damaged product. In the case of an error, if the client would like to provide a replacement, we will reprint the product. Client provided product must be new with tags or still in the bag, we will not print used product.

Under/Over Policy: At Heritage House/White Mountain Tees, we do our best to deliver the total quantity for each size on your order. However, shirts can and do arrive with holes or stains from the manufacturer or can get defected on press. Because of this, we have an under/over allowance of 5%. In the event that a shirt does arrive with any holes or stains on it or messed up on press, Heritage House/White Mountain Tees will still print and include the damaged shirt(s) with the completed order and the amount paid for that shirt will be refunded to you in cash. We strive to make sure all product is accounted for at quality control & check, but sometimes things do get missed. In the case of missing product we would have to refer to our over/under policy as well. To compensate for this allowance, Heritage House/White Mountain Tees highly recommends ordering an extra shirt or two in each size to ensure that you end up with enough. Heritage
House/White Mountain Tees will not be responsible for loss on under runs.

Colors: Please note that we strive to be as accurate to what you see on your screen, but there could be some slight variation to the colors due to monitor/screen resolution inconsistencies. If you need an exact pantone color match please let us know as we can apply the $50 custom mix fee to your invoice.

By approving your quote or invoice, the undersigned customer acknowledges and agrees to be responsible for the full payment of all charges associated with the transaction conducted with White Mountain Tees. The customer understands that failure to remit payment within the specified terms may result in additional fees, penalties, and potential legal action to recover the outstanding balance. This agreement signifies the customer's commitment to honor the financial obligation outlined in the invoice. White Mountain Tees retains the right to pursue all necessary actions to collect the outstanding amount in the event of non-payment. By signing below, the customer certifies that they have reviewed and accepted the terms and charges stated in this invoice.

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